After I Turned Twenty One. Aaron Mboma

This book is Aaron Mboma’s life experiences in the 21 years he lived on the Earth. Readable and plain- spoken, After I Turned Twenty One will fascinate anyone interested in the biography of humans on this peculiar little planet. In this biography, Mboma clearly presents his own life in a way that many young people today can relate with.

Kasupe devotions
Kasupe Devotions:Emmanuel Chitsanzo Mtema

We are living in a crooked world where living for God is looked at as a stupid thing, the word of God is no longer valued for what it is worth.  be transformed by renewing our minds (Romans 12:1-2). How then can we be renewed when we haven’t heard the good news of God himself?

Shattered Dreams:
William Khalipwina Mpina

Shattered Dreams is a collection of stories about life and death, love and hatred, unity and falling, laughter and mourning.


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