Rhymes Of A Phoenix: Richard Chilango

A poetry anthology challenging readers with feminine rhetoric developed from personal observations, borrowed experiences, and genuine muse- that hinge within the social context of the poet.


Drifting Smoke: Martin Chrispine Juwa

Emotions sail the air, throwing scotched fiery darts a-wide, pierced by arrows of the sun. This poetry book lays bare our emotions and paints our hearts with truths about joy, sadness, grief,depression, jealousy, envy… It is an eye that polices our reaction to such hands of life.

For A Time Such As This: Frank Chada

Days of trials and tribulations are no strangers to God’s people today. Trials and troubles challenge us, spiritual enemies beset us, fiery trials scorch our faith, our own frailty and mortality frightens us, tragic losses mount, guilt plagues our consciences, personal problems put us on the verge of despair, and sometimes even daily life seems difficult and discouraging.


Canvas of Dreams:Jonas Zaithwa Chisi

An experimental project, untested before in Malawian literature. The book borders on dreams, insanity, uncertainty, schizophrenia, love, power, and death in the journey of life.. It lays bare the fact that the world is a mystery to all mankind; that the fears you face, the doubts and uncertainty of your life and existence are not all exclusively yours alone, but rather a shared experience of many.

Walking The Battlefield: An anthology of Malawian Poetry

“……. This timely poetry anthology, carrying a multiplicity of sonorous voices from Malawi on COVID-19, wakes the attentive mind to the horrors of our time. It underscores that God does not give man a bigger burden than that he can carry, but poignantly reveals bitter lessons for the wise to absorb, and the foolish to ignore.”

Benedicto Wokomaatani Malunga.


After I Turned Twenty One. Aaron Mboma

This book is Aaron Mboma’s life experiences in the 21 years he lived on the Earth. Readable and plain- spoken, After I Turned Twenty One will fascinate anyone interested in the biography of humans on this peculiar little planet. In this biography, Mboma clearly presents his own life in a way that many young people today can relate with.

Shattered Dreams:
William Khalipwina Mpina

Moyoyo was not interested with school. He had found a girl with whom he was ready to tie a matrimonial knot and live happily in his hut. The hut with an old sack for a door and a party cloth for a curtain had a look of a standing elephant seen under the moonlight. Its mud clay walls sat one hundred metres away from the house of his parents. The roof of nsenjere grass and dry banana leaves was scruffy allowing rays of sunlight to traverse the hut. Dust clung to the floor with old newspaper pieces and torn exercise books scattered on the floor.

Shattered Dreams is a collection of stories about life and death, love and hatred, unity and falling, laughter and mourning.

Kasupe devotions
Kasupe Devotions:Emmanuel Chitsanzo Mtema

We are living in a crooked world where living for God is looked at as a stupid thing, the word of God is no longer valued for what it is worth.  be transformed by renewing our minds (Romans 12:1-2). How then can we be renewed when we haven’t heard the good news of God himself?

Before You Date:Stuart S. Chiwale

“Before You Date” is an inside look at what goes on before someone enters into marriage. The book answers the questions of what it is like to choose a marriage partner, how to maintain a pure and strong relationship bond, and how to stay true to oneself in a world where people define love relationships crookedly. The author, Stuart Chiwale, seeks to lay bare the principle and steps the youth of today have to take in order to build a film marriage base. Chiwale’s conclusions are based on real life experiences and he uses simple language to convey his message to both the youth and elderly. His book is comparing.

Grow Mightly: Stuart S. Chiwale

There is a thin line between growth and dysfunction. Only those who desire to grow strong knows this. As people we should know that we are souls with a spirit living in a body. Our growth has to be done in all aspects without a minus, that’s what grow mightily is all about. You grow mightily, you see life in 3D and beyond.

Shattered Dreams is a collection of stories about life and death, love and hatred, unity and falling, laughter and mourning.



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