Team Walking The Battlefield Contributors


Aaron Mboma

Aaron Mboma currently resides in Lilongwe and has recently published his debut book, After I Turned Twenty-One. A biologist by day and writer by night, Aaron enjoys reading, teaching and discussing science. His essays can be found at

Beaton Galafa writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction. His works have appeared in Fourth & Sycamore, Stuck in the Library, Love Like Salt Anthology, 300K AnthologyLiterary ShanghaiMistake House Magazine, The Blue Tiger Review, Eunoia ReviewTranscending the Flame, Every Writer’s ResourceBetrayalThe SeasonsEmpowerment, The ElementsBNAP 2017 AnthologyBNAP 2018 Anthology, BNAP 2019 Anthology, Better Than StarbucksThe Wagon MagazineFirst Writer MagazineThe Bombay ReviewKalahari ReviewThe MaynardBirds Piled LooselyAtlas and AliceSouth 85 Journal, Corpses/Cadavres, and elsewhere. He also edits for Nthanda Review, a Malawian online literary magazine. 

Benedicto Wokomaatani Malunga is one of the most prolific vernacular poets with several publications to his name. A prize-winning poet of the 2002 Geneva-based Intellectual Property Organization Award, he is the University Registrar at the University of Malawi, Zomba.

Chisomo Nyasha Majawa is a writer of poetry and short stories. She believes that writing is a soul and body therapy. To her, writing also insights and evokes deep thoughts that erupt an inferno and scalds all injustice.

Desmond Galafa ndi mphunzitsi komanso mlakatuli wochokera ku Balaka. Iye amakonda kulemba ndi kulakatula mu Chichewa. Zina mwa ndakatulo zake zimapezeka pa Sapitwa Poetry.  

Hope Chawala Banda is a spoken word artist, Communications Specialist and Journalist from Lilongwe, Malawi. He loves writing and performing poetry on stage. Some of his recorded works appear on Sapitwa Poetry.

Mtende Wezi Nthara lives in and writes from Malawi. She currently works at the Catholic University of Malawi as an Associate Lecturer in the English and Communication Studies Department. Some of her work appears in Nthanda Review, Kalahari Review, Suicide: A Collection of Poetry and Short ProseLiterary Shanghai and The Voices project. She also edits for Nthanda Review.

Emmanuel Chitsanzo Mtema is a Malawian writer who currently resides in Zomba, old capital city of Malawi, where he is also a high school Science teacher. His works have appeared in literary magazines such as The Scarlet Anatomy, Scribble magazine, ACE World Magazine, Nthanda Review and BNAP Anthology 2019.

Redson Phiri is a person with visual impairment. He is a poet and musician who hails from Kalumbo village, T/A Njolomole, Ntcheu district. Some of his poems including Alubinowanso ndi wanthu, Samadziwa chimene akuchita, Likupita kuti dziko?, Maliro a hule kuchuluka olira, Akupita ndi zawo zomwe enjoy airplay on Galaxy FM and Nkhoma FM. He usually performs his poetry in schools and churches, and has one album to his credit. He is a member of Ntcheu Poetry Club.

Precious Chande is a spoken word artist from Lilongwe, Malawi. She is a Christian poetry writer who records her works as audios and videos as she spreads the message of love, hope and salvation to the world. She loves conversations about poetry and music. Her works can be found on U-tube and Spiritunez, where she uses the name, RECLAIMED.

Priscillah Chitsanzo Kwawilira is a Malawian medical student at Beihua University, China. She is a poet and blogger. You can check her blogs at   

Robert Chiwamba is a multi-award winning poet and gender activist from Malawi. Nominated among three poets that have had significant contribution to poetry in the last decade by Copyright Society of Malawi in 2017, Chiwamba uses art as a tool for advocacy, often by recording on cross cutting issues affecting Malawi. The poet was ambassador for European Union and UNESCO’s Skills and Technical Education Program in 2017. He emerged the overall winner of European Union’s Devco Communications Award (2018) with Ngwazi Zazikazi, a duet he did with co-ambassador and musician, Sangie, having beaten acts from over 90 countries. Also, he was hired by Plan Malawi International as its influencer against Gender Based Violence in 2019. To this, he adds three Chancellor College Awards, UN Women’s He For She Arts contest award and a number 6 finish during Malawi Pen’s writing competition for Chancellor College students. A judge for World Bank Malawi’s Arts on Poverty Contest (2014) and chief judge for Plan Malawi International’s Rewrite Her Story Poetry Competition, Chiwamba was one of the speakers at a UN commemoration of International youth Day (2019) in New York. He was also a speaker and performer of poetry at UNESCO’s Media and Information Feature Events in Gothenburg, Sweden (2019).

Tadala Nkanaunena is a young Malawian writer who lives in Lilongwe. He is a writer of poetry and short stories, a part-time teacher and an editor. He has 2 self-published books; Letters from the Heart and Back to Lost Love.

Lughano Mwangwegho was born on 3rd March, 1978. He is a publisher, poet, short story writer and playwright. He is an author of three collections of poetry; Shadows of Footsteps (2016), Echoes of a Whisper (2017) – both published by Langaa in Cameroun – and Unsung Songs (2020) which he self-published on Amazon.

John Kaunda is a Malawian writer who lives in Blantyre, Malawi. He has passion for art and is interested in learning more about it. He started writing at a tender age. He loves to read literary works from all walks of life in his free time.

Vincent Lloyd Nyemba is a seasoned poet, short story writer and playwright. He has written many short stories and plays which have been aired on MBC radio one; Theatre of the Air programme. As a teacher, he has mentored young and upcoming poets and writers in Malawi.

William Khalipwina Mpina is a Malawian poet, fiction writer, essayist, editor, economist and teacher. His writing reflects on the mundane and the everyday. Many of his works appear in online international literary magazines such as Kalahari Review, Literary Shanghai, Writers Space Africa, African Writer, Nthanda Review, Scribble Publication, Atunis Galaxy Poetry, Poetica and Expound Magazine; and in over ten local anthologies. His books include Shattered Dreams (2019), Blood Suckers (2019), Shadows of Death and other poems (2016), Namayeni (2009) and Njiru (2003).

Wisdom Henry Uledi is a spoken word artist who goes by the stage name Wiz Words. He is a writer, media personality and Public Relations specialist. He likes to travel places to learn other people’s cultures and lifestyles.

Gift Muyayi is a Malawian poet and short story writer. He is an avid reader of any literary work, as long as it has a good story. Some of his works have appeared on Scribble Magazine.   

Martin Chrispine Juwa is a Malawian secondary school teacher of History and Social Studies. Sometimes he writes poetry; sometimes he makes reggae music in Lilongwe district, Malawi. He loves reading and writing poetry to explore and express his thoughts and emotions. His works have appeared in JSTOR, Project Muse, Journal of African Youth Literature (JAYL, Issue 2), BNAP 2018 Anthology, BNAP 2019 Anthology, LOCKDOWN 2020, Scribble magazine, and Nthanda Review. He also edits for Scribble Magazine and Artiscope Fellows Consultancy

Jonas Zaithwa Chisi is a writer of poetry, short stories and articles on different topics ranging from Love to Politics. He loves reading. His works have appeared in Malawian Newspapers, Journal of African Youth Literature (JAYL), Unipers Website, Scribble Magazine and 2019 Best New African Poets Anthology.

Publication crew

Davie Nsona is an Education (Languages) graduate from Chancellor College; The University of Malawi. A French and Music teacher by profession, Nsona is currently settled in Zomba to do business. As well, he is one of the partners in an organization that is providing a platform for musicians to preserve their music lyrics by uploading them on a Malawi music lyrics website.  Nsona worked on accessing ISBN for the Walking the BattleField Anthology.

Blessme Phiri is a Malawian media practitioner and a professional graphic designer who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Media for Development obtained from Chancellor College; the University of Malawi. He has a private media production film called Channel Media Complex (CMC) which is about to be legally registered as a film. With more than three years of experience in graphic designing and editing, he has designed book covers, corporate brand t-shirts, print adverts, banners, logos, posters, artworks, etc for various companies and organizations e.g. FOCESE, Banja la Mtsogolo, Estac Events, etc as well as individuals. Phiri produced Mock Ups for the Walking the Battlefield Anthology.

Innocent Fabiano was born and raised in Zomba, south-eastern Malawi. He is popularly known as Fabz Artist. He is a visual artist who specialises in painting and illustration. He is also a teacher by profession. As an artist, he has illustrated a number of books, some of which are being used in Malawian primary and secondary schools. Fabiano is a holder of a Bachelor of Education (Language) Degree from Chancellor College, the University of Malawi. He specialised in English Literature and Fine Arts. In 2015, Fabiano received an award for being on 3rd position in “Malawi End Poverty”, a national art contest organised by the World Bank in Malawi. In 2019, Fabiano finished 3rd position in “Tikonzekere Art Contest”, an art contest on the theme of preparedness on natural disasters. Currently he is a teacher of Creative Arts at Soche Hill Secondary School. Fabiano also works for Mthunzi Creations, an art enterprise which he established himself.Innocent Fabiano is the creator of the Walking the Battlefield Anthology book illustration.

James Chimaimba is a digital publisher with vast experience in graphic designing and digital arts. He is fascinated with conceptualizing and visualizing ideas into digital and presentable content. He founded JC Creations publishing company. He also created and runs Scribble Publication, an online literary work publisher. Since 2019, he has published all digital books available on Scribble Publication. He is also a computer instructor and online learning instructor. He is a specialist in adobe products and focusses on typography and digital marketing. He longs to promote art in Malawi by integrating it with modern digital technology.Chimaimba’s Scribble Publication is the publisher of the Walking the Battlefield Anthology and he directed the work.

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