It Came Like A Nightfall

Dalitso Grace Chimenya

Dressed with fury, it came prowling for victims,

I heard the rumours of mankind’s fowler a far like a distant war,
Just before its spark was kindled into a big fire,
And pillaged the entire mother earth
On its wheels, armed with burning arrows of its venom,
It lavishly darted us with venomous darts
Dressed with fury, it came prowling for victims,
Thrusting us in dire straits
A strong hook wiping mankind
A gravity crushing us mercilessly
It has swept many to the underworld at a fast speed like that of a gazelle,
With no proper burials, no good goodbyes
This reaper has left orphans
The only faces people see are the pictures on the walls;
A reminder that family once lived.
Depths of dark pain glide on the gentle winds of hope and serenity

It has waged war to both the eminence and the marginalized
Gravitating itself bountifully towards all countries
Claiming countless lives without distinguished boundaries
Dignity or no dignity, prestige or no prestige, this wind does not care
Not even the pitiful faces of those already hungry, wretched and miserable
Whose sighs are many and their hearts are faint
Draping them with much sorrow
Quenching their hope for a better tomorrow
To the refugees and poor, their slums are invaded too
Prisoners have also had their taste of the monstrous killer’s fangs
To the peaceful, their euphoria is demolished like the Great Zimbabwe ruins

We all share this same plight
And against it, we all fight, even with the bit of strength we now have
We won’t bow down to it
We won’t lower our flag to the abased economies
Decapitated solidarity through the closure of schools and suspended gatherings
Loosening ties of our faith and defueling our hope
For we are crusaders under the flag of faith and victory
This sting will go and will no longer steal our breath
Yes, like a current it has hit us
But we refuse to enslave our minds with perpetual fear
The fear that has made us hostages to its cruel prison till now
I see light beyond this tunnel, let’s grab the reins and ride
I implore we all remember that hope is never lost
So, let’s spread our wings and soar in the present realms of hope
Having the absolute certainty in the Protector above
Not forgetting we are all bound to take the measures to contain its spread
Since it came like a night fall, let’s wait for the daylight
When it will be no more!

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