Interracial War – in memory of George Floyd

Tali Cohen Shabtai

I came from a land of

What do you know?
I am a Jewess!

I came from a land of
And you expect me
To fix a world of
Hostile countries?

I have absorbed Anti-Semitism racism
And forced numerous times
To hug the name of a false
In the diaspora
Or in the superpowers
For them, the maps
Have done very well
With huge population sizes
There aren’t many family names
Like mine
To carry my nation’s flag
And my father’s yarmulke.

What do you know about racism?

In history
One of the evil women struggled against
Is rape and
Sexual injuries
Between races.

Do you understand?
And it’s a very well known
Tactic of war
Conquerors arrived to conquer nations
Raping women to prove their superiority.

Whether it was a black slave woman raped by white men during black slavery since the early
17th century.

Or in the Holocaust
When Jewish women were raped by the “master race” in
Early 1933.

A common fate of blacks and Jews.

What do I know?

The murderer police officer
Who stopped George from breathing

He wouldn’t commit suicide as Adolf Hitler did because his knee was more
Important to him
From end of time of a solitary living soul or of six million

Listen to me, I do know.