Nyasha Chisomo Majawa

Since Anna fell in love with Roy she was geared for anything to be with him

“I have had enough, I cannot take this anymore”, cried Anna, her heart beating so fast as if she was racing. She felt her heart reaping off her chest. She was in deep pain. This wasn’t the first time that Roy gave her this feeling and it wasn’t the second time either.  Roy had done this countless times and she had hope that one day things were going to change but it seemed Anna was the only one who thought they would. Roy was complacent.

Since Anna fell in love with Roy she was geared for anything to be with him. She was prepared to go beyond bounds just to be with this young man. She found him charming and whenever she was around him, her heart could melt. It all started in their second semester of freshman’s class in university. Yes they had known each other the very first semester but that time they just cherished each other’s friendship, wherever the love feeling came from it drastically changed things for them. Anna now saw Roy with a different eye. Roy on the other side claimed to have the same feeling for Anna, but his actions, yes, his actions, did not speak the same language. He was a jerk. He jumped from one girl to another shamelessly. Every time he had a new girl and Anna found out, Roy gave an excuse and always had an explanation. “You got it wrong, she was just a one night stand, you know I love you Anna and you alone, that girl is not my type, whoever fed you with that information is either jealous of us or wants you to himself”. Those were some of the excuses he gave even at the point where Anna caught him with messages of him and other girls showing they were making out. Roy was very good at apologizing and he could even shed tears such that Anna easily forgave him as her love for him was so immense.

But not this time, she had to step-up from this ninny because she had realized the cycle would not stop; it would always be Roy hooking a girl then apologizing to her expecting to be forgiven.

The worst part of it all was that Roy and Anna were not in a formal relationship; Roy only gave Anna the hope that he’d date her and she was loyally waiting. But this had to stop, it couldn’t continue, for what? Love? Was this even love for Anna or torture? Anna interrogated herself since this had happened for two years now.

On this particular chilly and fine day, the drama began again. Classes went on as usual and after the classes as a routine that Roy and Anna could take their lunch together, Anna went straight to Roy’s room. They were both staying on campus and they found it fun to go buy food together and eat in either of their rooms. On this day there was going to be an open air disco and the two were so much excited about it as they had agreed to go. But, what happened during the lunch period slumped off all the excitement. Upon reaching Roy’s room, Anna found two of his friends there, Jack and Chris. Jack was teasing Roy about the girl he had taken out over the last weekend and he hardly noticed that Roy was signaling him to stop as Anna entered. Jack didn’t stop for a while until he saw Anna burst into tears. He then realized he had lit fire for the two. Chris was sitting on the chair and did not utter a slight word though his expression showed that he felt for the stunning young lady.

“Anna I can explain, please let me explain”, Roy begun. “It’s not what you think, Chipatso is not who you think is. A…A…Anna tell me what I should buy you for lunch eerrh”. As he was making a fun of himself, Anna was just crying uncontrollably and then she burst the door wide open and went out, running. Roy followed her, grabbed her hand, “ndisiye”, shouted Anna, “ndati ndisiye, you can go and continue what you and your Chipatso started over the weekend”. “Anna don’t do this please, you know how much I love you”, Roy muttered the same words that Anna had become used to again. Anna told him not to follow her any further. She run to her room and locked the door. The girl cried bitterly but at the same time a lot of thoughts were moving across her mind. She needed to do something to Roy-something that he’d feel the pain that she had been feeling for two years, but what could it be? As she was thinking deeply her phone beeped for God knows how many times but she never bothered to pick it up as she already knew who it was. Finally, she remembered tonight was the open air disco and she thought that was the best place to start her revenge only did not know how to take her revenge. Anna thought of pretending to have forgiven Roy so she decided to pick up his call at last. “Anna, you know I did not mean to hurt you”, Roy’s hoarse voice sounded at the other end of the call. Anna just said she’d forgiven him but made him promise this was the last time: that he was never to do something like this again, which Roy did. What Roy did not know was that this was merely a set up. They agreed to go to the disco as earlier planned.

During the evening, Anna prepared herself and went straight to Roy’s room where she found him waiting for her. Roy had already bought them supper, perhaps as another way of apologizing. They ate and decided to rest a bit before starting off to the disco. As it was typical of them they cuddled and kissed, Anna still pretending.

At exactly10:00 O’clock they decided to take off. On their way they met up with Chris as the three had agreed to be together that night. The night was such a cool one, the sky was clear and it was on a full moon. The three joined the dance floor and they seemed to be enjoying whatever was happening; the music, the dance as they sung along. Suddenly, Chris asked Anna if she could accompany him to the bar to get some beer. Whilst waiting for the bar tender to attend to them, Chris begun to confess his love for Anna. He told her that he had had feelings for her for some months now and that he did not like how his friend, Roy treated her. This shocked Anna as she had never expected Chris to have feelings for her, at the same time finding this as an opportunity to get to Roy, she decided to play along with Chris in pretense. All what Anna wanted badly at this point was to revenge on Roy, to make him feel the pain. She resolved into making a show. Roy seeing that the two were taking long to return decided to follow them and as the two were coming out of the bar, Anna saw Roy approaching towards them and at that moment she swiftly turned to Chris and started kissing him.

I am a human too

A poem on disability by Nyasha Majawa

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