We Have Fallen

Marshal Kachingwe

We’re all separated
We’re stranded

We’re all frustrated
We’re all separated
We’re stranded
We are sick
Weary we are
Yes, there is panic in our own homes
We are helpless in our countries
There is death all over the world
We have fallen!

We say
There is hope in churches
Where is that hope for God in us?
Today pews in churches are empty
Corona virus invade our beliefs
Isolates us from where hope is
Lockdown separates us from near God

But together
We have the influential
That with ideas amalgamation
We can bring foundation
To heal this generation
From fear of degeneration
Cause of this strange COVID-19 pest


Its abode is the valley within my soul
Ever present and waiting


Since Anna fell in love with Roy she was geared for anything to be with him

My Africa

Invoking instabilities and turbulence
An oriented vortex of hot wind

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