Climate Change

Aaron Mbubzi

Its perpetual pangs
Makes me wonder what we did wrong

Its perpetual pangs
Makes me wonder what we did wrong
Yesterday it was a clear sky with bright sunshine
Today, angry waters have carried away our homes

We played under the roofs of school blocks
Jacaranda trees flourished,
A canopy they created
And killed our sight of another brighter day
And robbed us of breathing space
Its intense darkness engulfed our will to last

Our lungs stand on tiny thorns of breath
Puncturing our ballons of air
And the wheels of nature sauntering along

Without fully stopping
As of threads of justice thrive on elevated spaces.
We slowly return to our ramshackle homes;
Our hopes soaked in the floods now gone,
And our cheeks accommodating a heavy downpour

Eventually the eco-warrior appeared preaching climate change
Saying the environment has equal rights to survival too
His fight was gallant, a 45 round boxing
Which he eventually won on points

The next morning a scorching sun woke up from the west
And angrily trekked across the horizon eastward bound
The once exuberant Jacaranda trees slowly plunged their leaves,
The beauty of their flowers faded in an instance
To our surprise; the mighty bullets of the sun returned our pride
It advertently and sternly pierced through the canopy
Then the drums, again, hit our airwaves
This time so loud for climate had really shade her hue