Obliteration of Nations

Lloyd George Banda

The decade of a flipped world

The decade of a flipped world
Succumbed to the gall and wormwood
A euphemistically echoing novelty knighthood
Acted by Hollywood stars
Man unpasteurized and unparalleled
To an undesirable penning
Global lockdown…
Terror, fear and suspicion
Unknown, blurred and foggy origin
A yielding set of religious interceptions
Sometimes politicized
Attributed to the pursuit of global dominance
Even to the top known morose bourgeoisie
So worrisome and burdening
Deaths and casualties
Superfluously disquieting
If a conspiracy though
For the innocent polynomial souls
The vengeance of the heavenly reigns
Building a six pack bulge on the chest
Which presently at the Soviet gym
Must still be in the helm of push-ups