You Lied

Derrick Muduzie

I still froze from the inside.

I was born in the coldest of mountains
Although you bought sweaters for me
I still froze from the inside.
One step at a time,
You held my hand, down-hill.
Up-hill, you carried me on your back.

I wanted to be president, like Bingu
You said you would help me see my dream come true.
I wanted to be Batman
Rich, famous, and strong;
A hero
You said I could be whatever I wanted.
Mammie you lied
I have tried to be somebody,
Or something,
But I have failed
And despair is wrecking my pride

All my dreams are cracked.
Soaked in desperation
And weed, ma, that’s my daily relish.
All the seeds you had sown perished.

My green papers can’t even get me a job.
I’m just a dog in the streets.
Wagging my tail to men
To get treats.
I do not like what I see in the mirror
Demons drink my sweat but I don’t tell.
You said everything happens for a reason
Whatever the reason behind my tears is,
I am fed up.