More For Love (Review of The Alchemist)

Emmanuel Mwenye

With a little hope of an ant to survive, love still stands through the rage of time.

How much can we give when all we need is to receive? When do we do it for love than cash? We try so hard in life, yet we turn out to be last. In this life, we do it for love; that which cannot be measured in chemistry or enforced by law. We are here because we know someone is down there looking up hill to us. What we can give them is hope than cash; that which can make a dying seed pierce through quick sand and grow healthy. With a little hope of an ant to survive, love still stands through the rage of time.

In his book, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho wrote, “The boy knew that in money there was magic; whoever has money is never really alone.” Yeah, to be frank, ask the ladies if love does not go together with Cash. Not many a lady would settle for a broke guy, unless her love is also bankrupt or broke. Do ladies fight for his dream or to discover his ATM pin? This question sounds funny, but it reveals the hidden mind of many a ‘love relationships’.

I also need to be clear that men also get this issue of love wrong. Some men love ladies for real, yet some love ladies for their outer beauty such as curvatures. We must understand that hearts are not hats. Hearts are fragile – they break as much as glass. And when they break, they take time to mend.

Men, if you cannot love a woman for her inner beauty, it’s better to stay single, because once the curves die down, you will start searching for another. Ladies, if you cannot love a man for his vision – while he does not have it all, then think twice before you break that heart, because undeniably once money ends- you will think of leaving.