Tell Frora

Emmanuel Mwenye

“Today is not like any other day in her life “

She never tried that much as to make someone happy before, but no after today. Today is not like any other day in her life. She thought, as she tried to compensate with her inner self while trying to undress the beautiful modeling body in front of this new man – who perhaps could be age mates to her late grandfather back in her village. She was doing this for love, not for the cash or what everyone else could think. She was looking straight into the dark brown eyes of the old fat man, with little tears in her eyes making the picture blurry – her body were shaking everywhere, scared of what will happen next as she was innocent as a virgin in a house full of prostitutes.  The room was engulfed by a fading light which came through the window making it to look like a rain ball but with one colour – life is like a house with so many doors but one has to choose one to reach the other. She thought. But was this the only door she had as for now? Or she might have missed the back door as most the girls in her village did? 

The old man was getting tired watching her tender skin half naked in the dark, fire started burning within his manhood reminding him when he was young and strong just like his father would say, “A man is what he is between his legs, not what is in his chest”. He shoved himself from the king-size bed and staggered towards her – she was freezing, her eyes closed automatically as the old man’s hands cupped her breasts. Tears started to pave way from her eyes, not really believing what was happening to her – she deserved better than this, but any way she was only doing this for her sister, Flora, back at Kamuzu Central Hospital who was in need of a kidney transplant. And this money she was trying to raise within a little amount of time meant more to her than losing her virginity to such an old man on the streets, life is a balance she mumbled in her heart – we sometimes lose to gain. But in this case who was losing and gaining, was it her or her sister – maybe the old man was losing his money? Either cases someone is to lose and another is to gain those are just laws of the universe. The old man was still trying to kiss her lower lip, he appeared to love it more than his age would – she tried to resist but the picture of her sister on her sick bed came like a flash through her mind, little by little she was becoming loose to the old man, as he kissed her every angle of her every curve. The last thing she could remember was the smell of the bed as she walked out of the room into the corridor of the titanic hotel – moments after just reaching the hospital ward the bed was empty and her sister was all gone, just like her virginity.