The Enemy in the Mind

Jonas Zaithwa Chisi

Have you ever taken it to yourself to think of why you hate, fight, curse, bully and mock others?

What enemies do you have?

Poverty, people, animals?

Why do you have enemies, anyway? Weren’t you endowed with a gift of loving kindness in the garden of trees and fruits at the dawn of time and space?

Have you ever taken it to yourself to think of why you hate, fight, curse, bully and mock others? Is the force driving you to act so insane from without or within you?

Well, as many varied answers humanity can give, I believe the source of all the hate is the sense of insufficiency that drove humanity out of the garden of trees and fruits. The enemy you have is not that neighbour who talks rough of you nor that country that exploits your people and your resources, nor the poverty that you fight so hard with excellent failure.

It is neither the religious sect with differing views from yours, nor the lecturer who you think gives you undeserved grades.

The worst enemy lies deep within you. It lies right where the soul meets your conscious. It is a force that drives you and bids you to act irrationally and ignorantly. It is a force that makes you feel incomplete and provides irrational alternatives that lead you to your ultimate destruction.

The worst enemy is the force that laid hidden in Eve’s mind and bid her accept the devil’s offer. It is a force that whispered in the back of her mind that she was incomplete without the knowledge of good and evil. It is a force and does not leave you until you are ultimately destroyed and ransacked like a useless rag. It is a force that made Adam blind to the truth and accept the offer from his wife, and by that open for himself the Pandora’s Box.

Has this incident in the early garden of trees and fruits equipped you with any knowledge to withstand the pressure that the little voice within you whispers now and then? Ney, for I think humanity is too damned to think the right way. It is like humanity is programed to respond only to this voice and nothing else. It is like your soul (the self) is hardwired with a device that only receives a signal from this bended voice which is currently the master of your soul.

It is this enemy that makes you start a fight for no apparent reason. It this same voice that tells you to go boozing after a fight with your wife. This is the same voice that pokes your thought into robbery. It is this very voice that keeps whispering to you that there is nothing better you can do with your life; that you were born a beggar and will die one. That you can do nothing about your performance apart from accepting that you were cut out to be a Joe Bloggs.  That you can never find a wealthy-while girl for a wife. That your country is the poorest and the best thing you can do is to enrich yourself through many scandalous and dubious deals. That you will never get married no matter what. That you are never beautiful enough without the makeup. That you are never a good friend enough without fitting in. That you are outdated without wearing the tattered kind of clothes.

The enemy that you face as a person stays deep within you.

Face yourself in the mirror and tell yourself and you haven’t started yet. That you are a loyal priesthood meant for something great. That the lecturing job you are doing now is just the beginning of your journey to greatness. That the K800, 000 salary per month is just an imperfect glimpse of what you are meant to make when you hit your destiny. That you were not cut out to be a housewife like a door mat that your husband steps on when going in or out of your house. That you are more than just an undergraduate in arts and education. That you are not a hater but a lover. That you were not made to beg but rather to give. That your country is not the poorest on earth and you can help build it to greater heights. That you were not cut out to be a thief of tax payers’ money, rather; a faithful servant of the people. That you are not just an image in the mirror but something real standing in front of it.

You are the beauty that sways the earth going. You are the power that keeps the sun shining. You are the force that keeps the wind blowing. You are the strength that keeps the water flowing. You are more than just an imperfect person covered in make-up.

You are much more than a hater of your neighbour. You are a better creation than a drunkard laying behind that pretence.

That neighbour, that wild animal, is not your enemy. The enemy naps deep within you. Counter your enemy with the little man within you and you are going to be the beginning of a world of peace, love and harmony.  Change begins within you. Curb the cancer in your mind and realise that the worst enemy lies within you. Face it and crush it like a flea that deserves no more of blood it has sucked for so long.

Be the change that you need.