Broken Valentine

Emmanuel Chitsanzo Mtema

“The sweet nothings that come telepathically. “

Naive and shortsighted.
Timid, with no trace of confidence.
Like a blind man, future blurred.
A rope on the roadside is her cobra.
Being extra careful, missing her heritage.
Failing to see.
A mad man’s net
Her faith not casted wide
Walking by sight, and lacking discernment.

Full of love but fearful,
She cannot commit.
Though pouring out love,
She puts on a heart of stone.
Expecting a second chance that would never come.
On a deserted island, trying to send SOS signals.
Clothed in reason, Gaspy,
However, moves on.
Buried in her books, she never comes out.
As she skyrockets to space
Far beyond reach,
The horizon is her vicinity.
Circumstances have built a gap, with all hope lost.
A love that would be shared silently.

Like ultra-violet rays,
Her love still visible from afar.
Hearts connecting with magnetic force
Warm smiles, only to be felt.
The sweet nothings that come telepathically.
A broken valentine sewed by a hanging thread of love.