Tadala Mtingwi

The choir harmonizing joyfully, birds chirping

So I am about to walk down the altar in my flawless white gown, red rose bouquet in my hand
Smile plastered on face
My dad holds my hand fatherly triumph on his face
The choir harmonizing joyfully, birds chirping
Sun shining just like a fairy tales
Except fairy tales don’t feel like nightmares

1, 2 is the tune am supposed to dance
The rhythm of heart fits that of a tortured drum
Every muscle in my body resists movement,
My soul is begging me not to accept this fate
But what can a girl like me do

3, 4 harsh whisper “move” from dad as if he could read my mind
Then I saw him, waiting for me
His smile resembled that of the devil when he catches a Christian
Murmurs of approval for him chilling my spine
If only they had known it’s a wolf in sheep skin

5, 6 my checks burn with every footstep
Slap, slap, slap then a shove
How could anyone love someone so ugly?
Was my daily remainder from him
Bang on the door .back to her
Left alone with the walls, silence was my closest friend.

7, 8 I see her as I come close to you
Her dress leaving nothing to the imagination
Holding your baby as she openly chews her gum
Everyone turns a blind eye to her
They are so engrossed in their Calumnies
Love is painful, if he is cheating it’s your fault
Shut up and be grateful are the chains they tied me with
So I absorbed your blows in silence until
I found the book of wonder
A good news doctrine that cleansed the darkness to light