Monstrous Africa

Emmanuel Chitsanzo Mtema

Under our noses, they play hide and seek.

Deliberate confusionists
Beautiful tuxedos, rugs inside them.
Like saints on face
Exquisite book covers but wish-wash contents.
Stirring up a debate on nonsense, making us waste time debating
They themselves busy pocketing.

Modern vampires, so afraid of sunlight.
Sucking their prey to the bone
Enriching themselves in the process.
Under our noses, they play hide and seek.
Influencing the under-learned with petty cash.
Turning the multitude against each other
Making them all slaves
Mystifying themselves as gods and seeking worship.

In the same camp they belong
Milking sick cows is their common agenda.
At the sound of the bell, they pretend to be different.
Like angels, all wear white garments.
Selling false hope to the majority.
Enticing their prey with handouts.
Their camps meeting secretly,
Afflicting the very same people, they pretend to care for.

When food is served to one, they join camps.
Feasting together publicly in the name of development.
Blinding congregants in the process.
Their prey continuing with praise
Singing and clapping in the roadways.

Crippled with regionalism, the learned lose their reason
Engaging themselves in unnecessary drama
We all become silent deliberately
Contributing to a monstrous Africa in the making
Watching as the prey dies a slow death
Hoping for a change when the whistle blows.
Alas! We forget so fast; worshipping the vipers again and again.