The Perfect Picture

Short Fiction by Jonas Chisi

A word so rare to manifest in this world. The millennia youths are so engrossed with it through. Every youth wants to be that American idol on TV. The disillusionment with pretence and wanna-be culture has dragged youths to the very depths of destruction from within.

Every girl wants to hide the spots on her face because she wants to look like Rihanna and have fame among her male counterparts. What is not really manifested is the brokenness that she hides deep within, deep beyond the make-up and the pretence. If the attention does not come then the solution is to lay her legs apart for every man to find refuge in her. What she does not really know is that she seeks acceptance at the expense of her own dear life. She is totally ignorant of her reproductive health and rights to the extent that men use her as toilet paper and throw her deep in the latrine.

Now there is that boy taking on booze and smoke to get recognition among his peers. What he does after a night out he does not know. All he realises is that he wakes up beside a woman twice his age. He joins the gang in his area and intimidate girls to get up the ladder in the gang. He is involved in multiple sexual relationships just to prove his worth.

To ask a question, what do you, Malawian youth, get after engrossed yourself with acceptance but destroy yourself at the end of it all? To whom do you have to prove your worth apart from your very self?

You do not live for somebody. You do not have to be that rock star to get fame among your peers. Anyway what is fame after all? Nobody has to pressure you to have multiple sexual relationships to prove your manliness. You are already a man enough the way you are. You a perfect picture and nobody should taunt your image with false hope.