This Is Not Me

Poem by Brenda Louis

I am a copy of me
The reflection in the mirror
I am a shadow
The real me is dead

1964 promised to make my territories strong
This is not me
The one I visioned
The one I expected
The one I have to be

This is just a mere nightmare of me
A horror movie perhaps
This is not me
They never included theft when they said they will build me

Long and mean fingers cannot build me
Killings and abductions of my own people cannot make me strong
Empty bellies cannot reason
Inconsiderate souls cab never put me to mind

This is not me
This is my shadow
This is my reflection in the mirror
This, is not what I was supposed to be

Open locked doors
Stiff soft hands
Empty heavy brains
Hard hearts
Blind seats on platforms

Dry mouths
Hollow eyes
Hopeless souls
Blind souls