These are the voices in me
Little people aboding within
Terrifying me to the liver (river)
Overflowing from fear
With inaudible rattling voices
Streaming down like tears
To water malice from deep within

These are the voices ruling me
Like a ruler burnt and gorged on the edges
Drawing a deformed path
Into my future.
A ruler corrupted with vice and…
And living with his viceroys
Overseeing my life into a ruin of fast memories
Cabled in spider’s cobweb.

These are the little people in me
Asking the obvious questions
The rhetoric mwandionera pati?
While living tall lives
In the darkness sipping the juices
Of my tomorrow
Growing short in the light
While digging roots of my miserable past

These are the voices
The little people
That live in my dreams
Every night surfing in my unconscious
Whispering incognito voices
Wrapped in air of malice
Hate and death.